I Can Do It!

So pretty much I'm sick of being over weight. And I'm really looking forward to the days where I will be proud of my body. Feel strong and healthy. Fit into the clothes that I love.

This has been a life long struggle and it stops now!

I have so far lost about 17 pounds from my highest weight but I think I've come to a bit of a plateau.
I am ecstatic about what I have achieved so far and being able to already fit into smaller clothing sizes.

Most of my blog right now will just be me reblogging, but in time I will add more stories and maybe even progress pictures.

I am available to answer any questions you may have as well!

Thank you for checking out my blog!


HW: 225 lbs
CW: 208 lbs

GOAL 1: 198
GOAL 2: 188
GOAL 3: 178
GOAL 4: 168
GOAL 5: 158


The reason I chose 1_8lbs is because then I am officially out of the previous past 10 numbers, if that makes sense!





precisely. I am stronger than before so you wont win 


Okay y’all, here’s my before and after, Summer Fair edition! Unfortunately, the picture that showed the most of my body from the fair also included this giant ice cream cone I got. But it was a treat and I have no regrets! :) So yeah… I cannot believe I used to look like that. I don’t feel like I ever did! I never felt as big as I looked! I never hated my body or anything like that. But when I look at how far I’ve come, I’m just amazed. And that’s only 43 lbs difference!

Just because I have a ”Fit tumblr” does not mean that I always do everything right . It doesn’t mean that I eat just healthy food all the time. I mess up,I binge, sometimes I skip workouts, sometimes I don’t even want to hear about exercise.. but this is perfectly fine, because I always choose to keep going.

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